Monday, January 26, 2015

Olivia's Shower

My Aunt and Uncle welcomed their first baby this last November. So of course shower invites and presents had to be made. She chose the Eliza Duvet from Pottery Barn Kids as the main fabric for her nursery so I used that design  to create her invites. 

Favor tags and Thank you cards were also created. 
This was the first time I created an invite completely on one page- normally with the watercolor I have made all of the pieces seperately and then I rearrange them in photoshop to create the invite. So in this case I was able to give Cindy the original watercolor which I put a bible verse on. So she can keep it (or not...haha) 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Going away gift... Part 2

So I forgot to get completed pictures of these gifts... But I will show you what I have! 

This watercolor was for Hannah. After a lengthy discussion with her husband we landed on these lyrics from Augustana's Sweet and Low. It looks better matted and framed. 

Hannah is Micah & Bella's other Mom. Seriously. People think they're hers when we are out together... mainly because they look like her. She might as well be my younger sister. She was always game for any adventure (or just hanging out) It's very boring without her and her husband around! 

She is coming out this week for a visit and I am beyond excited to see her! I may or may not let her leave.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Going away gifts... Part 1

We moved recently... Matt took a job transfer back to California. So we left my parents and a lot of very, very close friends back in Jacksonville. Lots of ugly tears were cried. We are beyond excited to move back to the west coast and for opportunities we have here, but we are equally or more sad to leave this bunch of people that we love so much. 
One of our friends demanded a going away gift. No gift=no leaving. LOL. She took the news especially hard..... So, since she is a die hard Hello Kitty lover, and she and her husband are both Gators, I thought it appropriate to mix the two and appliqué this graphic that I found online onto a quilt. 

The back is a super soft double sided minky (not that that matters since it sandwiched) but it does make it super fluffy. Its almost a twin size. 

It took me a bit to find a photo of Thaoly that she or her husband wouldn't kill me for posting. She is well known for posting/taking possibly embarrassing, but aways awesomely funny photos. She also taught Bella how to pout and eat Oreos at inappropriate times; scheduled girls shopping trips when she hates to actually shop for clothing, and filled Bella's vocabulary with things like 'California sucks'.  lol. They were one of the first people we had to our house after we moved to Jacksonville 9 years ago and are super amazing people. 

We miss them so much! Hopefully we will get them to come out and visit soon...

I have a couple more going away gifts I will try to get them up soon- do you all make things for people when you leave? 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Improv Quilt

If you follow Mom and me on Instagram you will see all the projects we are currently working on. This quilt was started before we moved and I can not believe this but I finished it up the last two days and actually photographed it to show you immediately -- WHAT!!! Craziness people. 

I have a Pinterest board where collect all sorts of awesome quilts I find. And I found myself pinning a lot of these improv quilts. So with a healthy stash of Rowan fabrics Shot Cottons (purchased from Purl Soho) I decided to give it a try. 

Improving is WORK. Now I know part of my problem was working from uncut pieces of fabric - scraps would make this process much, much faster. I basically had to turn all this gorgeous fabric into scraps and then try and then create a random quilt without feeling like I was forcing a design. 

It's a super bright and happy quilt. And because creating the top didn't take long enough I decided to do quilting every 1/3 inch with Dove Aurifil thread. I continue to not know why I do these things to myself. But I think it's because I really, really love it even though I really, really dislike how long it takes to finish it! 

The back and binding are chambray from Imaginegnats shop. Seriously don't follow the link unless you plan to purchase fabric... gorgeous stuff. 

This puppy will be in heavy rotation- the kids were doing summersaults on it before I could attach the binding.